Mar. 10: Judging Your Neighbor

In his book series In Conversation with God, Francis Fernandez encourages Christians to become more understanding toward the faults of others, especially during Lent.  He writes, “Charity changes the heart so that there is room in it for all, even those who don’t understand us or who fail to respond to our love.  With the Lord beside us, we will not feel anyone to be our enemy.”

“[St. Bernard advises], ‘Although you might see something bad, do not instantly judge your neighbor, but, rather, excuse him interiorly.  Excuse the intention if you are unable to excuse the action.  Consider it as if done in ignorance, or unawares, or through weakness.’”

Fernandez concludes, “Only he who is humble is capable of maintaining an understanding attitude.  Otherwise, the tiniest faults of others are magnified, and one tends to justify and minimize one’s own greater faults and errors.  Pride is like a curved mirror that distorts the reality of things.”

Maintain constant love for one another.  (1 Peter 4:8)

Give me the patience to deal with the faults of others as

well as my own, Jesus.

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