Mar. 8: No Loaves, but 40 Fish

“Small miracles are all around us,” writes Catholic News Service columnist Father Peter Daly.  For instance, a woman in his parish in Prince Frederick, Maryland, who works cleaning houses, took in her three recently-unemployed adult children and their families.  Altogether, she now had 18 mouths to feed.

Another parishioner had been catching fish to help feed this mother’s significantly-enlarged table of guests.  One day, he enlisted the help of two teenagers from the parish’s Catholic Heart Work Camp for his next fishing trip.  After a quick prayer, the three of them went on to catch a whopping total of 40 fish—“one every three minutes.”  This extraordinary blessing was enough to feed this woman’s family for several days.

When life’s problems seem too much to bear, say a prayer and have faith that God will provide you with the physical and spiritual help you need.  And if you have the opportunity to be a source of blessings for others, put yourself in God’s hands and see what the two of you can accomplish together.

The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your needs in parched places.  (Isaiah 58:11)

Christ, may we always trust in Your everlasting bounty.

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