Mar. 9: No Shortcut

A prominent businessman who was enrolling his son in a prominent university shook his head when he started to examine the institution’s catalogue of studies.

“Does my son have to take all these courses?” he asked the dean.  “Can’t you make it shorter?  He wants to get out quickly.”

“Certainly he can take a shorter course,” replied the dean.  “But it all depends on what he wants to make of himself.  When God wants to make an oak, He takes 20 years, but He only takes two months to make a squash.”

Shortcuts attract all of us.  And of course, we’re free to take the easy way out.  But just as oaks don’t grow overnight, neither do a person’s mind and character.  We’ll have to live for all eternity based on the way we form ourselves here on earth.

He that is patient, is governed with much wisdom; but he that is impatient, exalts his folly.  (Proverbs 14:29) 

Lord, I pray for the patience to develop the best qualities with which You have created me. 

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