Mar. 6: Serving Life

It would be easy to consider the hardened criminals inside Louisiana’s maximum security prison at Angola simply as monsters.  The Christopher Award-winning documentary Serving Life, however, challenges that view by exploring the prison’s hospice program in which inmates care for their fellow prisoners who are sick and dying.

The film follows several inmates as they confront the fragility of life while growing in compassion and moving toward redemption.  As one volunteer explains, “I’ve heard hospice referred to as a process of helping one die with dignity, but I feel it’s helping one live out life with love.”

Writing people off as lost causes is a common human response when we’re faced with those who’ve committed horrible crimes.  Jesus, however, challenges us to never give up on anyone.  Though it might be barely flickering, the divine spark inside all of us remains.  Sometimes it just needs the right person or situation to help it burn brightly again.

I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to

repentance(Luke 5:32)

Divine Mercy, guide all souls to You.

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