Apr. 30: AIDA – A Speech, Not an Opera

Want to give an effective talk?  A national magazine for executives recommends the following, easy-to-remember formula:

A—Attention.  Make a simple statement of your subject that shows your audience how they will benefit by listening.  Keep it short and to the point.

I—Interest.  Ask questions.  Promise the listener that he will gain personally by listening.

D—Desire.  Arrange your points so that the listener is compelled to follow you.  Sum up each idea as you go along and show its connection to the next one.

A—Action.  This is the summary.  It should be a short, simple, positive, closing statement about what you want your audience to believe or do.

The “how” of giving a speech is important, but so is the “what.”  Ground yourself in gospel values so that you will have something worthwhile to say when the opportunity arises.

I will speak noble things, and from my lips will come what is right.  (Proverbs 8:6) 

Give me the courage and skills to speak up, Father. 


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