Apr. 11: The Burden of Needless Worry

It’s easy to get consumed by worries of what other people think of you.  Up-and-coming musical theater actress Brooke Evans was no exception.

Evans exuded talent and confidence, but often felt crippled by the need to know how others saw her, both on a personal and professional level.  If she didn’t know, she would assume the worst.  She explains, “I didn’t trust that others would see in me what God sees in me or what I see in myself.”

Hitting bottom forced Evans to confront issues she never realized she had.  She said, “I’d never taken the time to find out what was holding me back.  I prayed constantly that God would show me how to move forward.  When I discovered my problem, I started working on the solution.  I now don’t need to know what others think of me.  It’s inconsequential as long as I know that God can be proud of me, and I can be proud of myself.”

Since her epiphany, Evans was accepted into a prestigious New York theater program where she is developing her natural talent without unnecessary worries holding her back.

Give yourself the esteem you deserve.  (Sirach 10:28)

I am secure in Your love for me, Father.

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