Apr. 21: Mariano Rivera Has Faith

Some sports writers dismiss professional athletes’ expressions of their religious faith, but Bob Raissman of the Daily News says he knows real spirituality when he sees it.

“Forgive this mere mortal for passing judgment on such matters, but [Mariano] Rivera’s spirituality is sincere. His faith has carried him to this point and will take him even further,” Raissman writes.

He notes that one reporter asked the New York Yankees’ pitcher how he’d remained so “dominant and durable” for so long. Rivera answered that God gave him his athletic gift.  “I didn’t discover it,” he said. “It was given to me by the Lord.”

Cynical reporters remain skeptical, and maybe their doubt is warranted when certain athletes seem to be praising themselves more than God. But Bob Raissman is convinced that Rivera is the real deal. “Believe it,” he says.

Like Mariano Rivera, may we also give the praise for our individual talents where it is due: to God.

Those who wait for the Lord shall…shall run and not be weary.  (Isaiah 40:31)

Keep us focused on what really matters in life, Jesus.

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