Apr. 24: A Clear Vision

On her first mission trip, to Guyana in South America, Jo Yerrick remembers fitting villagers—mostly children—with eyeglasses.

“We had one little girl whose eyesight was so bad she couldn’t attend school,” Yerrick said.

Finding a pair to fit her prescription in the box of 2,000 donated eyeglasses took a while.  But when Yerrick found the right pair and put them on the child, it opened her up to a whole new world in which she can now see better and get an education.

The Michigan resident and mother of six grown children has also visited Nicaragua and Haiti. Another such traveler, Noel Heikkinen, says of the experience, “This radically changed my view of the entire world.”

Our own life’s vision is clearest seen when we serve others with eyes of hope and love.

Look my eye has seen all this…But I would speak to the Almighty.  (Job 13:1)

Bless me, Father; use my life for Your will.

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