Apr. 26: Building a Better Workplace

When employers and employees don’t treat each other with respect, a workplace can become stressful.  The Christophers’ founder, Maryknoll Father James Keller, gave this advice on creating a kinder, more productive business environment:

“If you’re an employer, show those who work for you that you respect them and don’t regard them as mere cogs in a wheel.  If you’re an employee, give your employer his due in a spirit that shows you consider your work as something more than an obstacle on your way to a paycheck.  Above all, whether you are an employer or employee, be pleasant at all times.  If you are, everyone who crosses your path will be blessed.  It takes only a moment to disagree without being disagreeable.”

One more suggestion from Father Keller: “At the close of each day, examine your conscience to make sure you are going forward, not backward in showing kindness to others.   The more you grow in love of others for love of God, the more peace of soul you will enjoy.  And those who have peace of heart and soul seldom get ulcers or need sleeping pills.”

We are God’s servants.  (1 Corinthians 3:9)

May my work glorify You, Father.

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