Apr. 29: After Losing $800

As 77-year-old Jane Corbett drove to buy groceries for the St. Louis, Missouri homeless shelter where she volunteers, hundreds of dollars were flying out of the envelope she had accidentally left on top of her car while buckling in her special needs grandchild.

Construction worker Ray Leuthauser was driving behind Corbett and unsuccessfully honked at her to try to get her to stop.  He finally just pulled over and started grabbing whatever money he could that was flying around—over $300—along with the Sam’s Club credit card that had come out of the envelope too.

The credit card was made out to Sts. Peter and Paul Church which is how Leuthauser tracked Corbett down to return the money.  After learning that $500 were still missing, Leuthauser collected donations from his fellow construction workers to make up the difference.

Needless to say, Corbett was extremely appreciative.  She told KSDK-TV, “Just pass it on.  [Let’s] do whatever we can every other minute to help each other.”

Helpers are for a time of trouble.  (Sirach 40:24)

Lord, teach me to go out of my way to help others.

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