Apr. 4: A Sweet 16 to Remember

Most teenagers ask for cash on their 16th birthday, and high-school junior Kara Magoolaghan from White Plains, New York, was no different.  Only instead of keeping this money for herself, she asked that it be donated to the Charity Ghana ACT (Alliance for Community Transformation), which was founded by her mother’s friend John Barber.

Magoolaghan learned from Barber that his group was raising money to construct a school in Ho, Ghana.  She was happy to aid this worthy cause, and even opted to visit Ho herself to get to know the kids there.

“I thought it would be much more memorable and meaningful if I went somewhere to help other people.  I got just as much out of it as I would have if I had a party,” Magoolaghan explained to Catholic New York reporter Juliann DosSantos.

If you have the opportunity, each out to someone who needs help.  It may initially seem like you’re giving them the gift, but you’ll find the experience rewarding too.

Do to others as you would have them do to you. 

(Luke 6:31)

Christ, may we be as generous to others as You are to us.                     

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