May 19: Living With Grateful Hearts

Living with Grateful Hearts

How many times a day do you say “thank you?”

In Uganda, East Africa, being thankful goes far beyond politeness—it is a way of life.

According to Sister Mary Margaret Lavonis, the ideals of gratitude are ingrained in Ugandans at a young age.  This principle is known as “webali,” or “an expression of gratitude for all God’s gifts, no matter how big or small.”

After learning about this tradition, Sister Lavonis admitted, “There are so many things in life I just expect and do not recognize as gifts.  It would be good for each of us to adopt an attitude of thanksgiving.  One way we can do this is to spend some quiet time reflecting upon all God has given us.”

Besides lifting up prayers of gratitude to God, Sister Lavonis recommends writing thank-you letters and attending Mass, which is “the ultimate offering of thanksgiving to God.”

Like the children of Uganda, we should all strive to live with grateful hearts.

To You, O God…I give thanks and praise.

(Daniel 2:23)

Lord, may we be thankful for Your endless love.


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