May 28: The Horse Whisperer

Violence from his abusive father was a regular part of Buck Brannaman’s life growing up on the rodeo circuit.  But loving concern from the foster family that took him in, along with his natural rapport with horses, transformed Brannaman into a gentle man now known as the real-life “horse whisperer.”

The documentary film “Buck,” which earned a 2011 Christopher Award, follows Brannaman around the country as he holds clinics for people interested in learning to ride horses—and for those who own equines that seem uncontrollable.  One of the primary lessons he conveys is that horses are a mirror to your soul, and will often reflect your own troubles.  Brannaman explains, “Rather than helping people with horse problems, I’m helping horses with people problems.”

The way Brannaman deals with those troubles is through leadership and sensitivity, making his lessons relevant to the daily challenges of both animals—and people.

If there are problems troubling your soul, ask God to help heal them.  And remember, He can be a whisperer too.

Let your gentleness be known to everyone.

(Philippians 4:5)

Jesus, help my words and actions bring healing.

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