May 3: Wisdom From Non-College Grads

Forbes magazine contributor David DiSalvo grew up in an extended family of people who didn’t go to college because they had to go to work instead.  Despite their lack of schooling, however, they were “steeped in wisdom.”  DiSalvo shared several of the lessons he learned:

You can learn something useful from anyone. “Whenever we find ourselves ignoring someone because we’ve already determined that they aren’t ‘smart’ enough to say something meaningful, we’ve made a big mistake…I’ve yet to meet someone who couldn’t teach me something.”

Learning is good; Doing is better. “You can learn a lot about car engines, but until you get under the hood and work on one, you can’t see how remarkable an invention these machines are.”

Money is important, but experience is invaluable. “When you buy something, you’ll enjoy that thing for a while, but eventually…[it] will become yet another thing you own.  When we invest in experience, however, we are buying memories, new learning, new ways of thinking, and a whole lot more.”

Apply your ear to words of knowledge.  (Proverbs 23:12)

Open my ears to the wisdom around me, Savior.

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