June 11: A Life of Leisure

Sometimes a TV show can remind you of life’s little truths. Take, for instance, the 1960’s TV series, The Andy Griffith Show.   It took place in the idyllic town of Mayberry and featured Andy Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor, a widowed father who lives with his son, Opie and Aunt Bee.

One episode revolves around what happens when Andy hires Malcolm, a visitor to Mayberry, to help Aunt Bee with her cooking, baking, and cleaning.  Andy thinks Aunt Bee is overworked and deserves to be a woman of leisure.

As Aunt Bee’s life of leisure progresses, however, she becomes less joyful.  While Andy meant for her to relax more, Aunt Bee finds she has lost her purpose.  She lives to care for her loved ones and didn’t mind all the seeming impositions.

Realizing their mistake, Andy and Malcolm allow Aunt Bee to resume her old routine, restoring her joy in the process.

Regardless of how old you are, do your best to maintain a sense of purpose in your life.

There is nothing better for mortals than to…find enjoyment in their toil. (Ecclesiastes 2:24-25)

Lord, help me find You in my work.

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