June 13: Not Garbage Anymore

The man hunched over slightly as he spoke, but his voice was strong and clear: “I realized that I was someone, something, and somebody.  I was not garbage anymore.”

The speaker was a former compulsive gambler, and a member of Gamblers Anonymous (GA) an organization with chapters around the world.

Unlike the occasional bettor, the compulsive gambler can’t resist a wager.  His personal and family life crumbles, he runs up large debts and may resport to stealing or writing bad checks to obtain more money for his addiction.

According to GA, “One of our fundamental principles is the concept that people with like problems can be helpful to each other.”

“Like to like” is a sound guideline for effecting needed changes.  That’s why God calls us to start where we are—and extend our reach as we grow in sympathy and competence.

Deliverance belongs to the Lord.  (Jonah 2:9) 

Jesus, make me see the value of my life, and the fact that You and I together can deal with my troubles.

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