June 21: Telling the Truth Onscreen

If you’ve seen movies like The Blind Side or TV series like Lost, you’ve been exposed to projects that have been worked on by alumni or faculty of the Act One program in Hollywood.  Originally a screenwriting school for Christians, it now includes a Producing and Entertainment Executive program as well.

Since The Christophers have always been concerned with the quality of popular entertainment, Act One’s Programs Director, Vicki Peterson, appeared on Christopher Closeup to discuss effective storytelling from a Christian perspective.

Peterson explained, “The Act One philosophy is—what the audience does with a film or with a TV show after they watch it is just as important as what they’re doing when they watch it…We strive to instill in our students that it’s important to respect the audience.  It’s important to give them opportunities to think.  It’s what God is doing in the hearts and minds of the people watching your material that is important.  The way to do that is to create mystery, and to create situations where the audience can…have something to think about.”

He told them many things in parables.  (Matthew 13:3)

Give wisdom to artists and writers, Father.

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