June 9: Three Powerful Words

The service that Peggy Bowes and her family received at the restaurant they went to was poor, to say the least.  Their waitress had been bringing their food in sporadic shifts—and sometimes it wasn’t even the right food!

With everyone at their breaking points, the server left the table frustrated.  Moments later, she returned with the correct food, uttering what Bowes calls “three powerful words.”  The waitress said, “Please forgive me.”  She revealed it was only her second day on the job and she was still learning.

For her genuine repentance, this waitress received a generous tip from the Bowes family.  The incident also reminded Peggy of some wisdom she had received on her wedding day.

Writing in the Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina’s Catholic News Herald, Bowes recalled, “There [are] three simple sentences that are critical to the success of a marriage: ‘I was wrong.’ ‘I’m sorry.’ ‘Please forgive me.’”

Wise words to remember in marriage—and in life.

Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.  (Colossians 3:13)

Messiah, may we forgive as readily as You forgive us.

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