July 30: The Media’s Potential Influence

Did you ever consider that reading about some of the noble and heroic people featured in Three Minutes a Day stories could make you a better person?  Well, according to a recent  study by the University of British Columbia, that may be the case.

As reported in The Canadian Press, the study’s lead author, Karl Aquino, found there was a “direct link between a person’s exposure to media accounts of extraordinary virtue and their yearning to change the world…These things have to be beyond just everyday goodness…We’re talking here about exceptional acts of virtue…acts that require enormous sacrifice, that put people at risk for the sake of others.”

One of the examples he cites is that of the Amish community in 2006 who, days after a gunman killed many of their children in a schoolhouse, offered forgiveness and financial help to his widow.

Aquino concludes, “If more attention was devoted to recounting stories of uncommon acts of human virtue, the media could have a quantifiable positive effect on the moral behavior of a significant group of people.”

Imitate what is good.  (3 John 1:11)

Guide us toward improving our culture, Lord.

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