August 10: Chocolate Ice Cream and a Smile

A long week away from home at a business meeting, and an intense week ahead back at the office.  That was the past and the future for Janet as she sat in a small café on a Sunday afternoon, a million thoughts and worries racing through her mind about moments gone by and those yet to come.

Suddenly, she caught sight of a three-year-old boy eating a small dish of chocolate ice cream.  He seemed to be savoring every spoonful as he got almost as much of the ice cream on his nose and cheeks as he did in his mouth.

Janet found herself smiling, with only one thought on her mind: joy written in chocolate all over the face of a child!

Dwelling on past sadness or future worries can make us miss the love and joy of the present moment.  So be in the here and right now!

So do not worry about tomorrow…Today’s trouble is

enough.  (Matthew 6:34)

I offer You praise, Lord, for You give me all to delight my

heart and mind.

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