August 13: Hold the Elevator!

When Ernest was a student in the Christopher Leadership Course, he shared a story about going to a job interview after being out of work for six months.  The interview was scheduled to take place in a high-rise New York City office building.

Ernest got on the elevator, and the doors started to close.  As they were nearly shut, he heard a woman shout, “Please hold the elevator!”  He quickly pressed the “Door Open” button, allowing her to get in.  The woman was grateful because she was already late for a meeting.  She then asked Ernest what he was doing there, and he explained he had a job interview.

The woman handed him her business card and told him to call her because she might know someone who is hiring.  When Ernest arrived home that day, he did exactly that.  Three days later, the woman’s contact paid off and Ernest had gotten a new job.  And it was largely due to a simple act of kindness on an elevator.

Not every act of kindness will have such a big reward.  Then again, kindness should be its own reward.

 Kindness is like a garden of blessings.  (Sirach 40:17)

Teach me to treat others the way I’d like to be treated, Savior.

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