August 2: God and CPR

Seventy-one-year-old Father Tadeusz Koncewicz, a priest from Poland, was visiting his friend, parish priest Father Krzysztof Bugno, in Titusville, Florida, when they decided to find relief from the heat by going for a swim at a nearby beach.  After wading into the water, Father Koncewicz got pulled further out into the ocean by strong waves that knocked him around.

Father Bugno and another man were finally able to drag Father Koncewicz to shore, but he had stopped breathing and was turning blue.  Using what little knowledge of CPR he could remember from watching television, Father Bugno administered it, trying to save his friend’s life.  By the time rescue crews arrived, the unconscious priest was breathing again.  He was taken to a hospital and expected to recover.

“I didn’t know CPR, but I felt I was guided,” explained a thankful and relieved Father Bugno to Florida Today.  “It’s a miracle because God gave me the strength supernaturally…He came back to life. I believe it’s a miracle.”

Sometimes God uses us to accomplish His miracles.  Be open to following His lead.

Save us, O Lord our God.  (Psalm 106:47)

Reach out to me in my troubles, Divine Savior.

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