Sep. 1: Refilling the Well

The dozen women sit in a circle on the floor, sharing their symptoms of “compassion fatigue.”  All are caregivers for chronically or terminally ill animals. Some are veterinarians, vet technicians, vet tech students; there’s even a pet owner or two.

“Refill the Well” is a one-night workshop given by the Reverend Eliza Blanchard in Westwood, Massachusetts.

Blanchard tells participants that their jobs are difficult “because you give care, you don’t take care.”  She reminds the group of the announcement on airplanes, when flight attendants tell passengers to don their own oxygen mask before helping children or others in need put on theirs.

“You can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself first,” Blanchard observes.

In our own lives, it’s important to care for and to love ourselves so that we can be and do the best for those we love.

Beloved, since God loved us so much, we also ought to

love one another.  (1 John 4;11)

Refresh me, Lord, when I grow weary.

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