Sep. 26: Survey Says: Hire a Veteran

Businesses looking to hire employees who exhibit “selflessness,” “resilience,” “team orientation,” and “reliability” should seriously consider military veterans.  That’s what a study by the University of Phoenix Research Institute discovered after polling over 800 corporate managers and executives.

Caroline Molina-Ray, the Institute’s executive director, told the New York Post’s Chris Erikson that they undertook the study because there was a lack of information about how veterans adjust to a civilian work environment as well as how they’re actually viewed by their employers.  Erikson notes that some hiring managers are wary of people with military backgrounds “due to stereotyping or a lack of appreciation for how military skills can translate to a civilian environment.”

Molina-Ray points out, “Three million jobs will go unfilled between now and 2018 just because we don’t have enough qualified workers to fill them…There’s a natural fit between these highly qualified collaborative veterans and the skill sets employers are looking for.”

Military veterans have made many sacrifices for their country.  They deserve a fair shot.

Love…in truth and action.  (1 John 3:18)

Father, bless our military veterans.

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