Sep. 3: Taking a Shot

Raul Bravo was a failing high school student who wasn’t going to class. He even thought about dropping out of school and following his friends, who were making fast money dealing drugs in his Chicago neighborhood.

Then he met automotive teacher Clairene Terry. Although counselors warned her about Bravo, she thought, “I’ll take a shot at it.”  She watched him do nothing during the first weeks of class, and then gave him an ultimatum: “Do what you said you would do, or you’re off my roster.”

Something clicked in Bravo’s brain.  He told NPR, “Everything seemed like this is where I belong….And I felt like a walking star in the hallway…You’re one of Terry’s students and you get respect.”

Bravo ended up doing plenty and is a successful auto mechanic today. In fact, he’s now helping guide his teenage sister make right decisions on her own.

On life’s journey, we need to reach out to those who need guidance—and grab hold of helping hands extended our way.

Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may

gain wisdom for the future.  (Proverbs 19:20)

Walk with me, Master, that I may choose the right path.

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