Sep. 8: Church Friends for Body and Soul

In today’s Facebook and Twitter-driven world, most of us are familiar with the online realm of social networking.  But how many of us seek to form close ties at church?

If we haven’t tried to make friends at our houses of worship, research shows we should.  Studies by Harvard professors Robert D. Putnam and Chaeyoon Lim indicate “the more church friends a person has, the happier he or she is.”

“Church friends are super-charged friends, but we have no idea why,” Putnam informed a February summit on religion, well-being and health at Gallup world headquarters in Washington.

The data collected notes that people who describe themselves as “very religious” enjoy the highest sense of well-being in every respect of the word—health, positive nature, etc. Participants who were “moderately religious,” however, were less healthy than those who possessed no religion.

The Lord encourages us in the Bible never to be lukewarm, in our friendships—and especially in our faith.

Magnify the Lord with me, and…exalt His name.  (Psalm 34:3)

God, help me pursue religious fellowship.  

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