Oct. 24: Muslims Help Build Catholic Church

The Sudanese have been long divided by civil war.  There is progress toward unity, however, thanks to a former “Lost Boy” of Sudan whose Christian faith led him to speak up for justice.

Lopez Lomong was held captive and nearly killed during the Second Sudanese Civil War.  He eventually escaped into Kenya, and was moved to the United States by Catholic Charities.  A track-and-field athlete who served as the U.S. flag bearer during the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony, he vocally opposed the Sudanese government for their violence against the people of Darfur in western Sudan.

In appreciation of this support, Darfuri Muslims volunteered to help build a Catholic church in Lomong’s hometown, determined, said one, “to show we never again want the people of Darfur to be used against their brothers in the South.”

Lomong says, “This church will be a symbol to all of Sudan that we can live in peace.”

Despite religious differences, people are capable of choosing respect and understanding rather than intolerance.

May the God of steadfastness and endurance grant you to live in harmony with one another.  (Romans 15:5)

Help us find common ground, Father.

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