Oct. 31: Safety First

Naturally, we want all of our children to be carefree and have fun on Halloween.  We also want them to be safe.  The website Childhelp.org offers several tips for trick-or-treaters:

Brighter is better. Costumes will be more visible in the dark if you attach reflective tape. Give each child a flashlight to carry, just in case.

Make it a family affair. Accompany children under 12 on their trick-or-treating rounds.  As for the older ones, be sure to meet their friends, know their routes, and remind them to only approach well-lit houses for candy.

Check out the treats. Don’t allow your children to eat any candy that appears tampered with, opened or homemade.

Costume guidelines. Make sure the costume’s fit doesn’t cause tripping or block vision.  Props such as swords should be short, soft and flexible.  If the costume requires makeup, test a small amount on the skin first to avoid irritation.

Rules of the road.  Watch for traffic.  Walk, don’t run.

He will feed His flock like a shepherd; He will gather them in His arms.  (Isaiah 40:11)

Keep our children safe, Jesus.  Guide them in Your ways.

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