Oct. 8: Pull Your Pants Up

“Pull your pants up,” thought Kimberly Ogba, every time she saw young men walking down the street with saggy jeans that exposed their underwear.  Instead of just complaining, she created a line of t-shirts that actually convey that specific message.

Ogba, a Nigerian immigrant living in Queens, New York, told the Daily News that the “saggy pants” trend is disrespectful to society and insults the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

She said, “When you see young boys pull their pants down, what comes to mind?  Gangs and guns and violence.  Dr. King had a dream that one day we would not be judged by our color but by the content of our character…You could be a Harvard graduate, but if you wear your pants down…you look dumb.  We adults have a duty to educate our teenagers, our boys, on how to be men.”

Ogba also has other t-shirts with messages like “Wake Up With A Smile” and “I’m A Survivor,” which she hopes will teach and inspire young people.  She says, “We have to put the dreams back in their lives.”

Show yourself in all respects a model of good works.  (Titus 2:7)

Keep us mindful, Lord, of the examples we set.

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