Nov. 13: A Special Need

When Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood accepted a special Christopher Award in 2001, he shared a story about his time as a seminary student (Rogers was an ordained minister).

He recalled, “A substitute preacher had come to our church and, in his sermon, went against every rule that we had been taught in class.  As he finished, I was ready to give him my unspoken failing grade, but I happened to look at the woman who was sitting beside me.  With moist eyes, she turned and said, ‘That preacher said exactly what I needed to hear.’

“Something happened between that preacher’s poor sermon and that woman.  It hadn’t happened to me.  I had come there in judgment—not in need.  Ever since that day, I have recognized that the space between a person who is doing his or her best and a person who has come in need—that space is holy ground.  The Holy Spirit can use whatever we offer to speak to another person’s heart.  So whenever I make a TV program or just talk with a neighbor, I realize that all I need to do is give the best that I can, and God will translate it into whatever is needed most.”

Listen to His voice.  (Psalm 95:7)

Use my words and actions to accomplish Your will, Lord.

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