Nov. 14: On Being Charismatic

According to public speaking coach Ruth Sherman, charisma isn’t just something you’re born with; it’s a learnable skill.  “A charismatic person can walk into a group of strangers and quickly make friends,” says the author of Get Them to See It Your Way, Right Away.  “An uncharismatic person hangs uncomfortably on the edge of the crowd.”

Here are some guidelines to help you develop charisma:

Walk purposefully. Set specific goals before attending a business or social event instead of wandering aimlessly.  (“Resolve to meet three new people at a party.”)

Offer intriguing introductions. Rather than just your name, include something about yourself. (“I am an attorney specializing in copyright and patent law.”)

Ensure that at least one person isn’t a total stranger. If you’re attending a group’s annual meeting, call the president in advance and ask a question.  See if they’d be willing to introduce you around at the event.

Whatever your task, put yourselves into it.

(Colossians 3:23)

Help us to remember we have God-given gifts, Paraclete.

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