Nov. 15: Thank God for Kids

Writer Matthew Archbold is used to hearing people make snide comments about the fact that he and his wife have five kids.  But a father-of-one at a barbecue Archbold attended asked him sincerely what it was like having so many children.

On his National Catholic Register blog, Archbold revealed what he told him: “I told him that I’ve learned more about life and love in the past 11 years from the kids than I had in the previous 31.  I told him I’m happier and more responsible than I’ve ever been because of them.  I told him that every night when I pray, I thank God for them.  I told him that in life, I maybe have made only two good decisions: one of them was marrying my wife and the other was having children.  It seems to me that if you make those two decisions right, a whole lot of the little decisions just seem to get worked out.  I told him that I never heard of anyone on their deathbed thinking that they wished they had fewer people around who loved them back.”

Surround yourself with people who will love you back.

Let the children come to Me.  (Mark 10:4)

Let me look upon all children as the precious gift they are, Heavenly Father.

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