Nov. 18: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Born and bred in Texas, Verily magazine Relationships Editor Ashley Crouch grew up surrounded by Southern hospitality.  It is, she writes, “born of a rich tradition of appreciation for neighbor and communal interdependency.”  When Crouch visited Ireland in 2012, she was happy to discover a similar tradition.

The Gaelic words “Céad Míle Fáilte” (translated to “A hundred thousand welcomes”) greeted her wherever she went.  And they weren’t mere words either.  The people she encountered were genuinely interested in accommodating her and making her feel at home.  Crouch writes, “I learned that true hospitality is rooted in a heart overflowing with love and kindness.”

Jesus’ heart is also overflowing with love and kindness to a greater extent than any of us can imagine.  He bids us “a hundred thousand welcomes” whenever we turn to Him.  The least we can do is extend the same kindness to each other.

Pleasant speech multiplies friends.  (Sirach 6:5)

Inspire me to be a hospitable and welcoming person, Jesus.

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