Nov. 19: Leading Hearts to God with Humor

Singer-songwriter Jackie Francois believes humor is key to living a Christian life.  Upon the release of her album, Divine Comedy, she told journalist Matthew Warner:

“People in this world think that if you are passionately Catholic you lack all passion, humor, and joy.  When I meet people on planes…they are absolutely shocked that I am Catholic, because I have a huge smile on my face (almost all the time) and crack jokes.  Our hearts, which can be guarded and afraid, are put at ease with humor.  We feel more open to a person when they give us joy and laughter, and ultimately we are led to God, because He is the source of joy.

“One of my favorite quotes is from Blessed Mother Teresa who said, ‘Joy is the net of love by which we catch souls.’  People won’t always remember what you say, but they’ll remember your presence, and people are drawn to those with joy…St. Katharine Drexel said, ‘We must attract them by joy in order to lead them to its source, the Heart of Christ.’  Amen!”

A cheerful heart is a good medicine.  (Proverbs 17:22)

May I reflect Your joy to others so that they come to know You, Jesus.

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