Nov. 24: Relaxing with God

Every day, an elderly man came to the same church to pray.  He always sat quietly in the last pew.  One day, the pastor decided to ask him about it: “What do you say to God during all that time you spend in church?”

The man smiled and answered, “I don’t say anything.  He just looks at me and I look at Him.  We enjoy one another.”

Father John Catoir, former Director of The Christophers, shared that story in his book That Your Joy May Be Full, then offered this reflection:

“Enjoying the Lord in silence; that’s contemplation.  It’s a relaxing love relationship.  The mind rests and the heart is full of joy. Contemplation begins where other prayer leaves off.  In contemplation there are no words, no actions, no thoughts.  Our heart is open before God.  We receive His love and enjoy His presence….Enjoying the Lord is as close to heaven as we can get here on earth.”

Take delight in the Lord…Commit your way to the

Lord; trust in Him and He will act.  (Psalm 37:4,5)

In a life that seems constantly busy, Lord, help me find

stillness and silence so I can find You.

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