Nov. 25: An Invisible Thread

A Chinese proverb states that an invisible thread connects people who are destined to meet.  Laura Schroff believes that might be the reason her life changed one day in 1986.  The advertising executive was walking on a Manhattan street when she was approached by a boy who asked if she had any spare change.  At first she ignored him, but something made her go back.  The boy’s name was Maurice Maczyk, and he was 11.

Schroff had no change to give him, but asked him instead if she could buy him lunch at McDonald’s.  That was fine with him.

As Schroff learned about Maurice’s abusive father and drug-addicted mother, she came to admire the boy’s indomitable spirit—and even see a reflection of her own past with an alcoholic father.  That meal began the pair’s mutually-healing friendship, and inspired Schroff’s Christopher Award-winning memoir, An Invisible Thread.  One of the lessons Schroff learned from the experience: “Sometimes blessings are right in front of you…You just have to open your eyes and heart.”

You make Him glad with the joy of Your presence.

(Psalm 21:6)

Grant me an open heart and helping hand, Lord.

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