Nov. 29: A Christmas Miracle

Maryknoll Father James Keller, the founder of The Christophers, always encouraged people to use their talents to be a force for good.  He also knew that the entertainment industry had a big influence on the public, so he encouraged filmmakers to create movies with a positive message.

One time while he was visiting Hollywood, Father Keller played golf with the writer-director team of Bill Perlberg and George Seaton.  The two men described a story idea they had for a movie, and asked Father Keller what he thought of it.  The priest responded that it sounded like it had the makings of a great picture, and he hoped and prayed it would come to be.

About a year later, Father Keller received a thank-you note from Seaton and Perlberg, saying that his encouragement was just the boost they needed to make their movie.  That film turned out to be the Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street.

Offer someone words of encouragement today.  You never know the difference those words could make.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

(Psalm 119:105)

Let my words be a source of positive action, Messiah.

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