Nov. 30: A Mother’s Love

Kris Miccio, a law professor and Fulbright Scholar, has been fortunate enough to know the love of two different but equally caring mothers—her biological mother and the “Mom” who adopted her through the New York Foundling hospital where she was left as an infant.

After 18 years of searching, with the aid of her adoptive mother, Miccio finally located her birth mother and three half-sisters.  Together, she and her newfound family celebrated her 59th birthday in Ireland.  Miccio cannot be more grateful to her foster Mom and to The New York Foundling for her double gift of life.

“[My birth mother] may have given me life,” Miccio told her adoptive mother, “but you gave me a life.”

Now that her adoptive parents have passed away, Miccio is more thankful than ever for the blessing of yet another devoted family.

May we always appreciate the inclusive love and support of our immediate and extended families.

Can a woman forget her nursing child?  (Isaiah 49:15)

Jesus, bless and strengthen the bonds of all families.

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