Dec. 11: Gathering All In

When Kathleen Basi’s daughter was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome, she started to think back on her own growing up years and how she dealt with persons with disabilities.  “It seems easier to pretend they aren’t there, to let our eyes slide past and not engage,” she says.

But her daughter’s own diagnosis made her want to change her behavior and help others also be more accepting.  Here are two of her ideas for parents.

▪ Get to know students with special needs in your children’s schools. Also, get to know their parents, who often are eager to make such connections.

▪ Support inclusion in your kids’ schools.  A state where children are separated by “normal” and “disabled” breeds isolation and ignorance.

Each of us is wonderfully and lovingly made by God—and should be honored and respected because of that fact.

Love one another with mutual affection; outdo one another in showing honor.  (Romans 12:10)

Give praise to the Creator, Who has given us all good things. 

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