Dec. 18: Joy: A Year-Round Basic

Many people associate joy with Christmastime.  Churches remind us to “Rejoice and be glad” while Christmas carols teem with joyous refrains.  Catholic News Service writer David Gibson wonders why such a vital feeling should be confined to the Christmas season.

“Joy ranks high among the basics of Christmas,” Gibson asserts.  “But for Christians, joy…is a year round basic.  In others’ eyes, joy lends credibility to Christian life.  Joy is inviting and contagious.”

Gibson goes on to say that many people incorrectly use “joy” and “happiness” synonymously.  He cites Jesuit Father James Martin as saying joy is “deeper than happiness” and “a virtue founded in the knowledge that we are loved by God.”

Truly, if we take daily comfort in the fact that God loves us unconditionally, even during the darkest of times, we will live more joyfully, all year round.

I have said these things to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete.  (John 15:11)

Christ, may we live our lives joyfully in the knowledge of Your unending love.

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