Dec. 21: Need to Unwind?

Have you ever finished a busy day at work but been unable to relax once you are at home?

This was Kevin Lowry’s predicament.  While he sat in his Columbus, Ohio, home trying unsuccessfully to unwind, his four-year-old daughter Hannah kept tapping on his shoulder, asking if he wanted to play with her.  She was patient but very persistent.  Finally, he gave in and found himself pleasantly surprised by the results of this exercise.

Lowry writes, “It may seem counterintuitive, but I think the best thing for my hyper-busy-ness was to slow down and play with stuffed animals and dolls for a while with my daughter.  It helped me to regain a little perspective, a little joy, a little wonder at the innocent world of a four-year-old.”

Lowry doesn’t think it was a coincidence that the next day at work, he was extra productive.  He also offers this insight for the next time you’re feeling too wrapped up in your own work: “Don’t be surprised if the Holy Spirit whispers in your ear.  It might even sound like the voice of a child.”

Let the little children come to Me.  (Matthew 19:14)

Thank You, Father, for children and their sense of wonder.

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