Dec. 24: To Honor Him

In the Salesian booklet Glad Tidings of Joy, Delight D. Kilyan shares a Christmas poem called To Honor Him:

  “In darkened sky a star shone bright, while angels sang that wondrous night / Of Jesus’ birth in stable dim, that all may come to honor Him.

“To honor Him, our King of Kings, on Christmas Eve, the church bell rings, / And people gather from afar to celebrate that holy star, / Proclaiming Him, our Savior mild, the holy Babe, the dear Christ Child.

“We honor Him with song and light, with holly wreaths and candles bright, / Our homes aglow with Christmas cheer, goodwill abounds this time of year.

“So celebrate with gift and song, but let your spirit all year long / Proclaim His coming, sing His praise, the Savior comes to bless our days.”

Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea.  (Matthew 2:1)

Keep my soul watchful for Your presence and light in the world, Messiah.

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