Dec. 26: Snowbound!

Following the post-Christmas blizzard that shut down large parts of New York City in 2010, Andrew Lauda, a Navy officer traveling from Virginia to Queens, New York, with his wife and baby to visit his parents, got stuck in the snow on a service road of the Long Island Expressway.  Lauda called the local TV station, WABC-TV, informing them that he was stranded for 18 hours on the road and could use some help.

After that message was broadcast, it caught Carlos Calderon’s attention.  He threw a blanket, water, and pretzels into his SUV before embarking on this mission of mercy with his 20-year-old son.  By the time Calderon arrived, the Laudases had left their car to find shelter in a nearby abandoned city bus that still had heat.  Thankfully, the Good Samaritan found them and drove them to Andrew Lauda’s parents’ house in Ridgewood.

Explaining his actions to the Daily News, Calderon said, “[Lauda’s] doing a good service for our country so we should give him a little back.”

All who humble themselves will be exalted.  

(Matthew 23:12)

In what ways can I serve others today, Lord?

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