Nov. 13: A Special Need

When Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood accepted a special Christopher Award in 2001, he shared a story about his time as a seminary student (Rogers was an ordained minister).He recalled, “A substitute preacher had come to our church and, in his sermon, went against every rule that we had been taught in class.  As he finished, I was ready to give him my unspoken failing grade, but I happened to look at the woman who was sitting beside me.  With moist eyes, she turned and said, ‘That prea … [Read more...]

Nov. 12: A Thankless Job

Bob dreamt that he was in heaven with an angel who was giving him a tour of the place.  Their first stop was a large office filled with other angels busily sorting pieces of paper.  “This is the Receiving Room,” said Bob’s angelic tour guide.  “This is where all the petitions made to God in prayer are received.”Bob and the angel moved on to another busy office that was designated for Packaging and Deliveries. The angel explained, “This is where the graces and blessings that people ask for are … [Read more...]

Nov. 11: Thanking Veterans

On his farm, Doug Schmidgall created a unique display of appreciation for military veterans. Using a 20-foot-wide disc that he attached to the back of his tractor, he carved out the heartwarming words “Thank You Troops” on a hill near the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport serving Springfield, Illinois.According to Illinois’ State Journal-Register, the farmer’s grateful message stretched across a hill about seven football fields wide and 100 yards tall.Schmigdall, who has two sons in the mil … [Read more...]

Nov. 10: The Power of Forgiveness

At the age of 14, Rosario Rodriguez narrowly escaped an attack by a serial rapist and murderer near her Grand Rapids, Michigan home.  During an interview on Christopher Closeup, Rodriguez said of the attack’s aftermath, “I experienced a lot of depression and anxiety.  The depression was the hardest thing—and trying to figure out my self-worth.  I felt like I was treated like trash, so therefore I must be trash.”Rodriguez started seeing a therapist who would pray with her at the beginning and … [Read more...]

Nov. 9: The Devil’s Most Valuable Tool

One day, the devil decided to go out of business, so he put his tools up for sale.  Malice, Jealousy, and Pride were soon recognized by most of his prospective customers.  There was one worn, tiny, wedge-shaped tool bearing the highest price, however, which seemed difficult to identify.“What is that?” someone asked.  “I can’t place it.”Oh that!” Satan answered.  “That is Discouragement.  It’s my most valuable tool.  With it, I can open many hearts, since so few people know that it belongs … [Read more...]

Nov. 8: Much Wisdom, Few Words

A lot of wisdom can often be conveyed in a few words.   Here are some examples from the book More Roadside Church Signs Across America by Mary and David Compton:▪ Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.▪ If you feel far away from God, who moved?▪ Swallowing your pride seldom leads to indigestion.▪ Is God your steering wheel or your spare tire?▪ The best exercise is stooping down and lifting up another.▪ Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.▪ G … [Read more...]

Nov. 7: Monsters and Happy Endings

The late Maurice Sendak did not write and illustrate your typical children’s books.  His well-known Where the Wild Things Are presented super scary-looking monsters and children who were less perfect in appearance—more like “real kids,” he would say.  But it’s what was at the heart of his works that makes them stand out.“Children surviving childhood is my obsessive theme and my life’s concern,” he said in one interview.  He included those themes even in productions of opera, ballet and plays … [Read more...]

Nov. 6: Unemployed Hero Rewarded with Job

Thirty-year-old Delroy Simmonds was on his way to a job interview when he saw a gust of wind blow a baby carriage holding nine-month-old David Zamara onto the train tracks at Brooklyn’s Van Siclen Avenue station.  Even worse, the train was approaching.  Without thinking, Simmonds jumped onto the tracks and lifted the injured boy and his stroller to safety.Though he was hailed a hero by the media, Simmonds’s rescue of Zamara prevented him from making it to his interview on time.  Moved by Simm … [Read more...]