Nov. 21: A Celebrity’s Kindness

Good character in a professional setting is measured not by how you treat those who are at your level or above you, but rather how you treat those working their way up the ladder.While appearing as a guest on the GAC network, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Vince Gill was asked, “Who inspires you the most?”He responded, “Anybody that ever treated me kind when I was young.  Musicians or whoever I would have the opportunity to be around—if someone was nice to me, I never forgot it.  … [Read more...]

Nov. 20: A Prayer About Relationship

Most of us are so familiar with the Lord’s Prayer—the Our Father—that we may say its words without thinking much about them.  It was something author and speaker Mark Hart admits to doing until he started working as a youth minister.  Realizing how shallow his own prayer life was moved him to a deeper understanding of Jesus’s words.In his book The ‘R’ Father, Hart writes, “The Lord’s Prayer is an invitation into a daily relationship…If we go to bed underwhelmed by God’s love, we weren’t as pr … [Read more...]

Nov. 19: Leading Hearts to God with Humor

Singer-songwriter Jackie Francois believes humor is key to living a Christian life.  Upon the release of her album, Divine Comedy, she told journalist Matthew Warner:“People in this world think that if you are passionately Catholic you lack all passion, humor, and joy.  When I meet people on planes…they are absolutely shocked that I am Catholic, because I have a huge smile on my face (almost all the time) and crack jokes.  Our hearts, which can be guarded and afraid, are put at ease with humo … [Read more...]

Nov. 18: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Born and bred in Texas, Verily magazine Relationships Editor Ashley Crouch grew up surrounded by Southern hospitality.  It is, she writes, “born of a rich tradition of appreciation for neighbor and communal interdependency.”  When Crouch visited Ireland in 2012, she was happy to discover a similar tradition.The Gaelic words “Céad Míle Fáilte” (translated to “A hundred thousand welcomes”) greeted her wherever she went.  And they weren’t mere words either.  The people she encountered were genui … [Read more...]

Nov. 17: Make Me an Optimist

Hope needs to be an essential element of our daily lives if we’re going to live joyfully the way God intends.  That’s certainly been the Christopher belief since our founder, Maryknoll Father James Keller, chose as our motto the ancient Chinese proverb, “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”Here’s a prayer written by Nancy F. Summers for Living Faith magazine that should help you keep hope alive:“O God, for this new day now dawning, make me an optimist.  Although th … [Read more...]

Nov. 16: Be Your Children’s One Percent

Football coach Lou Holtz once noted, “Eighty percent of people don’t care about you one way or the other; 19 percent of people hope you fail.  The other one percent is your family.”These thoughts, paraphrased in Jake Frost’s column in The Catholic Moment, might read rather negatively on the surface, but Frost emphasizes that small but significant one percent, the family who loves you unconditionally.  This love, he advises parents, must be expressed to your children at a young age.Frost c … [Read more...]

Nov. 15: Thank God for Kids

Writer Matthew Archbold is used to hearing people make snide comments about the fact that he and his wife have five kids.  But a father-of-one at a barbecue Archbold attended asked him sincerely what it was like having so many children.On his National Catholic Register blog, Archbold revealed what he told him: “I told him that I’ve learned more about life and love in the past 11 years from the kids than I had in the previous 31.  I told him I’m happier and more responsible than I’ve ever been … [Read more...]

Nov. 14: On Being Charismatic

According to public speaking coach Ruth Sherman, charisma isn’t just something you’re born with; it’s a learnable skill.  “A charismatic person can walk into a group of strangers and quickly make friends,” says the author of Get Them to See It Your Way, Right Away.  “An uncharismatic person hangs uncomfortably on the edge of the crowd.”Here are some guidelines to help you develop charisma:▪ Walk purposefully. Set specific goals before attending a business or social event instead of wander … [Read more...]