Trying out my new illustration pens

I picked up a couple of illustration pens the other day and I’m really happy with them. So easy and so fun to work with.
In other creative news, I’m starting work on the kids big Yule present. I’m making a playscape of the type described over at Rhythm of the Home. I’m using a bunch of felted sweaters to create the landscape, with a river, and a cave. I’m really liking how I can stuff parts of the landscape to raise them up and create a wonderful topography.

Here’s one of my favorites online, from this Flikr feed:

Waldorf Needle felted playscape and fishing gnome

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  • I like your drawing… what type of pens did you get? The project with the sweaters looks like it would be fun to do…

  • They're micron pens, numbers 03 and 005. I'm really loving them. They're so smooth to write with and so fine. I can get great detail in a small space!

  • Your drawing is lovely! And what a fantastic idea the playscape is! The possibilities are as endless as my pile of old woolly jumpers 🙂 Thankyou for sharing!

  • Thanks for the pen recommendation. I've been wanting to try some out and wasn't sure what type to get. Your drawing is great!

    I can't wait to see how the playscape turns out. What a cool idea!

  • What sweet little animals all cuddled up together. They remind me of my dog and cat when they sleep together on the couch on the weekends while I sip my coffee in the morning.

  • I love your snowflakes! Micron pens are so awesome 🙂
    When I was a child I would have loved having a playscape like that! Such a great idea… actually I think I'd like one now too 🙂