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On NDAA and Internal Protection

As you may have read, U.S. President Barack Obama signed the hugely controversial $662 billion National Defense Authorization Act into law today, despite "serious reservations" about it. These reservations would seem to arise from several provisions that have to do with "the interplay between military and civilian law enforcement in regard to taking terrorism suspects into custody." In short, they have distressing implications in terms of both Constitutional law and universal human rights.In … [Read more...]

Welcome to My New Patheos Blog, Everyone! (Take Two…)

Well, after one attempt at starting this new blog some time ago, I think we ought to try this again...Welcome to my new Patheos blog, everyone! I had originally intended to continue what had been a podcast here, but I think we all would be better served by my trying to do something simpler. So, taking my inspiration from this blog's subtitle -- "Reflections from a Buddhist Minister" -- I will instead try shooting from the hip, offering my own take on current events, contemporary issues in … [Read more...]