Welcome to My New Patheos Blog, Everyone! (Take Two…)

Well, after one attempt at starting this new blog some time ago, I think we ought to try this again…

Welcome to my new Patheos blog, everyone! I had originally intended to continue what had been a podcast here, but I think we all would be better served by my trying to do something simpler. So, taking my inspiration from this blog’s subtitle — “Reflections from a Buddhist Minister” — I will instead try shooting from the hip, offering my own take on current events, contemporary issues in the Buddhist world, and so on. You know: quintessentially “bloggy” stuff.

I’m hoping to offer posts that are relevant, investigative, challenging, interesting, inspiring, and interactive — all of it with a Buddhist flavor. Think Nick Kristof meets Rick Fields. (At least, at its very best, I hope the blog come even slightly close to something like that mixture.)

As always, your questions, comments, and so on will be very important to creating the best blog possible. Please share your thoughts with us!

Again, welcome. Let’s do some good.

"Muito bom o artigo esclareceu muitas dúvidas. Recomendo o Modelo de Habeas Corpus"

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