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A Story of Real-Life Superheroines…

One of many emerging stories of heroism from Colorado, this one via The White House: ‎During his visit to University of Colorado Hospital, the President had a chance to meet Allie Young and Stephanie Davies...During the film, Allie and Stephanie were seated near an aisle and when the gunman began his attack by tossing a canister of gas into the crowd, Allie, just 19 years old, stood up to warn those around her. She was hit in the neck by a bullet, which punctured a vein. Stephanie, the P … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW: Alisa Roadcup, Director for U.S. Advocacy and Development for Heshima Kenya

Over at my personal website, I've posted a few times about my friend and former Naropa University classmate Alisa Roadcup. Formerly Outreach Director and Development Associate for the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions and Director of Strategic Initiatives for The Voices and Faces Project, she is currently Vice President of the Board of Directors for Rape Victim Advocates and a leader in the Women's Human Rights Coordination Group for Amnesty International USA. She is also busy the … [Read more...]