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This Week in “Things that are Totally Awesome…”

Get this: our friend and past interviewee Joshua Eaton will be teaching a class on "Buddhism and Social Justice" at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education this fall. The course description reads: Join us to look at Buddhist ideas about social justice, both ancient and contemporary. Readings will come from poetry, philosophy, narratives, sermons, and lectures from across Buddhist Asia. You'll gain a working knowledge of the history of ideas about political philosophy with the various Buddhist … [Read more...]

We Know What Happens Next

We know what happens next.Or, rather, we know what doesn’t happen next: we won’t talk about guns, and we won’t talk about mental health care.As I write this, a terrible shooting attack has just ended at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, near Milwaukee. A man, as yet unidentified, opened fire on the community, killing six and seriously wounding at least three others (including a policeman). In an exchange of gunfire with the police, the killer was "put down," ending the rampa … [Read more...]